Btrieve File Saver  v.0.1

Btrieve File Saver Utility the world?s only tool to recover Btrieve data without the engine read ? recover ? restore data even in case of data corruption and if the engine returns status 2! read directly into data pages without going thru the

Visual Btrieve File Saver  v.1.0

Visual Btrieve File Saver is a visual tool to read, extract and restore Btrieve data without the database. The professional solution to recover Btrieve Data Files.


DDF Periscope  v.1 3

DDF Periscope editor is designed for creation and editing data dictionaries files of Pervasive Software corporation DBMS Btrieve, processing of contents of data tables and also functions for the state monitoring of Btrieve/Pervasive SQL server.

ConversionTool  v.4. 2. 2002

Our tool reengineers BTrieve databases and converts comprehensively a MS Access database into a SQL Server database, unlike the Microsoft?s UpSize Wizard preserving all table structure details, and supports the conversion of the views and procedures.

CView  v.12 23

Updating report data requires the PC to access the report's database, usually through ODBC. cView fully supports the use of report parameters and can log in to secure databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.

Database Browser Plus  v.3.0.0042

Database Builder Builds MSAccess databases Creates/modifies tables, queries Imports/exports Indexes Attaches/detaches various external datasources Creates custom properties Database Browser MSAccess, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, E

Inventory label (TAS PRO)  v.1 1

Simple Inventory Shipping label With BAR CODE With Data entry Database (Code base). Program has full Source code included to edit and recompile you will need to get a copy of TAS Professional Powered by CAS at If your

Advanced Accounting 7 Powered by CAS Ver  v.7

Welcome to the Advanced Accounting 7 Accounting System. We are proud to introduce you to the first easy to use, realistically priced, modifiable (Open Source avalible) accounting package designed specifically to meet the needs of the small business.

TAS Professional 7.8 Build  v.1

TAS Professional powered by CAS is the best kept secret in programming today.

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